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Hoy April 23, 2014, 5:19 pm Havana time.
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04/22/11 - MINREX (Habana) - Chinese President Hu Jintao Congratulates Fidel

CUBA, April 21th, 2011.- The President of China and General Secretary of
the Chinese Communist Party, Hu Jintao, sent a message to the leader of
the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, congratulating him on the occasion of
the conclusion of the Sixth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC)
last Tuesday.

       "On the occasion of the successful conclusion of the Sixth Congress
of the Cuban Communist Party, on my behalf and on behalf of the Central
Committee of the Communist Party of China, I want to express my sincere
respect and the most cordial greetings," reads the message published on
Thursday by Granma newspaper.

    Jintao notes that Fidel has safeguarded Cuba's national sovereignty
and dignity and has remained in the path of Socialism, which has earned
him the respect and support of the Cuban people and of many nations around
the world.

    "You are an illustrious revolutionary, ideologist, strategist, and
statesman," adds the Chinese leader, who highlights the close ties between
Cuba and China, which began 51 years ago.

    "You have always promoted Cuban-Chinese friendship and you have always
paid close attention to the process of development of China. You have also
given us fraternal assistance and support with important contributions to
the steady development of friendship and cooperation between both Parties
and countries," the message notes.

    "I'm convinced that, under the leadership of comrade Raul Castro Ruz,
the Cuban Revolution and Socialism will undoubtedly attain more victories.
We will continue contributing to Cuba's socio-economic development as much
as we can and we will continue strengthening the bonds of friendship and
cooperation between both Parties and countries," the note states.

(Cubaminrex - ACN)


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