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Hoy April 16, 2014, 5:34 am Havana time.
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12/29/13 -  Global Times (Beijing) - Geely wins 'Gold Award for Product Quality' in the 31st Havana International Fair 

>From November 3 to 9, 2013, the 31st Havana International Fair (FIHAV
2013), a large-scale trade fair in Caribbean area, was held at EXPOCUBA in
Havana, capital of Cuba.  Since 1983, FIHAV has been held annually, and has
been one of the most important trade fairs in Latin America nowadays. With
the GX7, EC7 and SC7, Shanghai Geely International Corporation (Geely
International) participated in this fair which has reportedly attracted
more than 1,400 enterprises from 65 countries and regions around the world.
After the evaluations of all the exhibited products, five enterprises
obtained the "Gold Award for Product Quality", among which Geely's SUV GX7
and the exhibited products from Mercedes-Benz won this award in the
automotive field.

According to the information from Geely International, by now, the number
of Geely vehicles in Cuba has reached nearly 10,000 units, mainly used in
the Cuban Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, Cuban Ministry of
the Interior and Ministry of Tourism. And Geely's CK models are used as
Cuba's senior government officers' official cars as well as the most police
cars in Havana. At the meantime, based on the situation that tourism is the
main source of Cuba's foreign exchange, Geely International actively takes
measures in relevant areas and has achieved essential progress. At present,
80 percent of rental cars in Cuba are Geely CK, EC7 and EC8 models.

After exporting 1,603 vehicles to Cuba this January, the South America
Branch of Geely International continued to export nearly 1,600 vehicles to
Cuba at the end of November. Recently, Geely Automobile has become a
representative of family cars for Cuban people, almost taking up 50 percent
of Cuba's vehicle import shares which is equal to the total shares occupied
by Kia, Peugeot and other brands. Moreover, among all the Chinese
automobile brands, Geely takes up the largest share in the local market.  

It is known that in order to expand the Cuban market, Geely continuously
improves the storage structure of its bonded warehouse and adopts
multi-channel supply methods. Therefore, the fill rate of its spare parts
in local warehouse has increased from last year's 34 percent to over 80
percent this year. Meanwhile, in order to further speed up its supply of
spare parts and vehicle fault handling, Geely's office in Cuba has already
signed agreements with SASA, a national automobile service provider
subordinated to the Cuban Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, on
jointly building standard service stations and spare parts consignment
sales stores. Furthermore, at the request of several ministries in Cuba,
including Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment, Ministry of
Communications and Ministry of Metallurgy Industry, Geely International is
now preparing to launch the SKD project in local place


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