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Hoy April 19, 2014, 2:02 am Havana time.
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12/26/13 - The Missoulian - Cuba: Handshake should be new start 

It seems that on Monday, Dec. 23, it wasn't enough for the Missoulian to
run one anti-Obama cartoon; it had to duplicate his "notorious" handshake
with Raul Castro.

What hypocrisy! This country has consistently extended the hand (often
filled with taxpayers' money) to dictators all over the world who seem to
cooperate with and support American foreign policy. Cuba is, in many
respects, the least threatening and the most enlightened of the dictatorial

Despite continuing embargos and various restrictions, this small country
has made outstanding achievements in health and education. While every
effort is made to exaggerate violations of human rights and their
anti-capitalistic agenda (mostly coming from the anti-Cuban community in
Florida and their supporters), Cuba has been able to maintain its
independence and stature as an alternative to global capitalism for Central
and South America.

Rather than being "a mere matter of protocol" (as Louis Perez Jr.
described in his column just below one of the cartoons), it should be the
beginning of a new relationship that would benefit both nations.

Phil Fandozzi,


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