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Hoy April 20, 2014, 8:26 am Havana time.
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12/23/13 - Trinidad News - Film Co sends directors to Havana Festival 

Patrons of the 35th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in
Havana, Cuba, warmly received TT films during the 2013 Festival, including
One Good Deed and Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution.

The two films and their directors, Juliette McCawley and Bruce Paddington
respectively, participated in the Festival with sponsorship from the
Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (TTFC).

Both films were subtitled in Spanish as part of a market access and market
penetration thrust by the TTFC intended to make TT films available to
non-Anglophone audiences.

The Festival Internacional Del Nuevo Cine Latino Americano, as it is called
in Cuba, is better known as the Havana Film Festival.

McCawley's film is a children's narrative short about a boy who has
dramatic encounters with douens in the forest. She said via e-mail after
her trip to Cuba, "Going to Havana was an amazing opportunity for me and I
was so appreciative of getting to go. "To have my film screened at such an
international event is quite an honour, so being able to be there in person
to introduce my film to the audience was a wonderful opportunity."

McCawley's film was shown at home a few weeks ago during the TT Film Nights
series, sponsored by the TTFC. One Good Deed was part of a package of short
films screened at the Maracas Bay Community Centre in November.  The film
premiered at the trinidad + tobago film festival (TTFF) in 2012.

One Good Deed is her third film. Participating in the Festival in Havana
provided additional opportunities for McCrawley.

"It gave me a chance to be part of an international film environment where
I could market my film and network as well," she said. "In such an
environment there are great opportunities to meet other film-makers,
producers, film distributors as well. There were also many educational
panel discussions were I got insights into marketing my film in festivals,
as well as other pertinent topics. It provided an opportunity to market my
film as well as meet Festival Directors who might be interested in
screening my film-which would serve to build my credibility as a

"I would have never been able to make this trip without the assistance of
the TTFC, so I am extremely grateful for the opportunity."

Paddington's feature-length documentary on the Grenada Revolution has
attracted critical attention since its premiere at the 2013 TTFF. The film
focuses on the 1979 coup led by Maurice Bishop, who would then become
Grenada's Prime Minister under the People's Revolutionary Government. The
Revolution ended in 1983 after the assassination of Bishop and members of
his Cabinet. The film includes archival footage of the Cuban contribution
to the Revolution and highlights the killings of Cuban personnel during the
1983 US invasion of the island.

Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution was screened on December 7 at the
Rambla Cinema, Havana, as a special presentation of the Festival,
Paddington said via e-mail. "Cuba was an important and appropriate place to
show the film as Cuba was one of the main supporters of the Grenada
revolution, with over 800 Cubans employed to build the international
airport." (The airport at Point Salines in Grenada eventually became a
lynchpin of the US argument for its intervention, as the US feared the
airport was a military facility.) "Prime Minister Maurice Bishop was also
very close to Fidel Castro and Bishop visited Cuba on his return from a
tour to Eastern Europe just a few weeks before the killings. During the
American invasion 24 Cubans were killed defending themselves; the film
Forward Ever featured archive material from the Cuban Film Institute,

"The screening itself proved to be an emotional and moving experience as
the audience was absorbed and somewhat serious as they viewed the film but
then they broke out in a standing ovation, with prolonged applause, as the
credits rolled. The reception was so positive that the Festival arranged a
repeat screening a few days later at the Glauber Rocha Foundation,"
Paddington said.

Paddington is a UWI lecturer, independent film-maker and Founder/Director
of the TTFF. The TTFF, by invitation, hosts a special section in the Havana
Film Festival, "demonstrating that Trinidad and Tobago is the hub of
Caribbean cinema," he said. He added the Havana Film Festival "is the
oldest and largest film Festival" in the region, "with hundred of guests
and films. It is a great place for making contacts and promoting your film.
The TTFC proved very helpful in subtitling the film into Spanish, thus
facilitating such a successful screening and visit."

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