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Hoy April 24, 2014, 10:42 am Havana time.
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12/21/13 - Fox News - Raul Castro issues stern warning to entrepreneurs pushing boundaries of Cuba's economic reforms 

HAVANA -  President Raul Castro has issued a stern warning to entrepreneurs
pushing the boundaries of Cuba's economic reform, saying "those pressuring
us to move faster are moving us toward failure."

Castro has legalized small-scale private business in nearly 200 fields
since 2010 but has issued tighter regulations on businesses seeing as going
too far or competing excessively with state enterprises. In recent months
the government has banned the resale of imported hardware and clothes and
cracked down on unlicensed private videogame and movie salons.

Castro threw his full weight behind such measures in an address to the
biannual meeting of parliament Saturday, saying "every step we take must be
accompanied by the establishment of a sense of order."

He blamed inadequate government controls for "creating an environment of

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