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Hoy April 23, 2014, 12:04 pm Havana time.
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12/19/13 - Telegraph.co.uk - Cuba lifts 50 year old car import ban 

Opening Cuba's domestic car market to imports is likely to have fateful
consequences for the lovingly maintained 1950s cars on the island.

But the changes are a long-awaited element of President Raul Castro's
attempts to gradually liberalise Cuba's Soviet-style economy.

Separately, Mr Castro's brother Fidel praised his brief encounter and
handshake with Barack Obama in South Africa.

"I congratulate comrade Raul for his brilliant performance, and especially
for his firmness and dignity when with a friendly but firm gesture he
greeted the head of government of the United States and said to him in
English: 'Mr President, I am Castro.'"

Mr Obama stopped and shook hands with the Cuban president on his way to
the podium December 10 to speak at a memorial in Soweto for the late Nelson

Neither side made much of the exchange but Fidel's remarks, in an article
published in Granma, made clear that he approved of his brother's handling
of the moment.

The handshake was the first between leaders of the two Cold War adversaries
since 2000, when then US president Bill Clinton shook hands with Fidel at
the UN General Assembly in New York.

It was only the second time that American and Cuban presidents have shaken
hands since the Cuban revolution in 1959.

Raul replaced Fidel as Cuba's president in 2006, but as the father of the
Cuban revolution the elder Castro remains hugely influential.

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