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Hoy April 20, 2014, 9:08 pm Havana time.
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12/16/13 - Fiji Times - Fijians keep up in Cuba 

APART from pursuing medical studies in Cuba, eight Fijians have undertaken
their first exams in the Spanish language.

Ilai Cama, Tevita Lalabalavu, Sharvin Sharma, Ahnil, Lolohea Tagilala,
Ashika Prasad, Brenda Williams and Amele Natuaniyavula have been studying
in Cuba since August.

Ms Natuaniyavula said the other students were now waiting for the second
exam expected after Christmas.

In an email sent to the Information Ministry, Ms Natuaniyavula said the
students had adapted well despite the time difference.

"We have settled in well, meeting the other Pacific students and the other
races present in the school," she said.

"We are also getting along with the Cubans, getting to know a bit of their
style of life as they are fast Spanish speakers, getting adapted to the
food they eat".

Ms Natuaniyavula said the basic Spanish language course they undertook
while still in Fiji assisted them in their new surroundings.

"Basically, learning basic conversational Spanish has helped, especially in
the classroom, conjugating verbs in the different tenses and as we also
learnt group dynamics it has helped us a lot to look out for each other,
helping each other with our Spanish," she said.

The group is thankful to the other students completing their three-year
studies who have helped them settle in since their arrival.

Ms Natuaniyavula named the three students as Asil Ram, Masikerei Vunicagi
and Rick Fong.

"When someone else feels down, we try to encourage each other. We're also
trying to mix with the students from different countries and at the same
time practise our Spanish," she said.


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