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Hoy April 23, 2014, 7:38 am Havana time.
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12/13/13 - Prensa Latina - Dominican Republic and Cuba Strengthens Solidarity, Bilateral Ties 

By Diony Sanabia*

Santo Domingo (PL) Friends from Dominican Republic and Cuba brought new
vigor to the historical relationship between their countries, whose
geographical and cultural proximity strengthens their bilateral ties.

With that premise and maturity of more than 23 years of existence, the
Dominican Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba renewed the commitment to defend
the island against any kind of attack.

In each space we occupy, we must mention the Cuban socialist system, with
that description, without fear of other criteria, expressed participants to
the 23rd National Meeting of the group on December 1rst.

They proposed to deepen the understanding of the process of economic and
social update of the Greater Antilles in order to refute malicious reviews,
contrary to that work.

Likewise, they recommended, especially the young people, to develop a
greater disclosure of the life and work of the famous patriot Maximo Gomez,
born in Bani âfrom the Dominican province of Peraviaâ and leading figure in
the struggle for Cuban independence.

During the meeting, attended by nearly 15 members of the Campaign
Committees âoriginated on June 14, 1990â, the work done this year was
analyzed and goals for 2014 were defined.

Among the projections, the claim of ending the economic, commercial and
financial embargo imposed by the United States to the island, and the
release of the Cuban Five imprisoned in U.S. jails occupy a place of great

We support the cause of Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando
Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino and Rene Gonzalez, who is already free in Cuba, a
resolution adopted at the meeting highlights.

The text rejects the violation of human rights suffered by the
anti-terrorists, arrested on September 12, 1998 when watching the actions
of anti-Cuban groups based in Florida, in the American South.

At the same time, the meeting supported the Bolivarian Alliance for the
Peoples of Our America and the campaign called "Chevron's dirty hand",
driven by Ecuador against the U.S. oil company.

The Liberty and Refounding Party was also supported against alleged fraud
in the recent presidential elections, and was demanded the recognition of
the rights acquired by the Dominicans with foreign parents.

Meanwhile, Cuban Ambassador, Alexis Bandrich, was grateful for the support
from Dominican friends to the causes of his country and urged to face plans
and attacks of the enemies of the Revolution.

You give us an indispensable support in the resistance, said the diplomat
addressing the audience at the event, which was held at the Autonomous
University of Santo Domingo.

While the U.S. hostile policy against the Caribbean island intensifies, the
solidarity movement with it continues growing, said Bandrich.

He said that the enemies of the Greater Antilles, using more sophisticated
means, intend to continue manipulating public opinion and bet on the
fatigue and demobilization of progressive forces.

In response, the Government and people of Cuba are grateful every day for
the answer Dominicans give to such purposes, the ambassador stressed.

Among the values of the Dominican movement of solidarity with Cuba, he
highlighted its ability to think with its own head, since it is not a
"yes-sir army" waiting for guidance to follow the course, he said.

He said that these friends are very proactive, relentless, creative,
independent, faithful, unconditional and conscientious trainers. They
represent the best of Dominican people, its history, roots and defiance.

Do not have the slightest doubt that Cuba is perfecting the work for which
our five antiterrorist countrymen sentenced in U.S. sacrificed his freedom,
he said.

What we are doing, by maintaining the gains of the Revolution, is for
building a prosperous and sustainable socialism, he stressed.

The Head of the Latin America and Caribbean Department of the Cuban
Institute for Friendship with the Peoples, Robert Hamilton, said it is not
possible to conceive the future world without a deep sense of solidarity.

The hostile policy of the U.S. government toward Cuba remains unchanged,
and during the administration of President Barack Obama the blockade has
intensified, he said.

Despite this harassment, the world support us and our people still live
days of sacrifice, but also of glory, he said.

We face great challenges in adverse conditions claiming our best efforts,
perseverance, creativity and great firmness of principles and confidence in
victory, he added.

Dominican Republic can always count on eternal friendship, selflessness,
gratitude and full and complete support of its Cuban brothers, he

At the meeting, during which the ambassadors of Venezuela, Ecuador and
Nicaragua, Alberto Castellar, Carlos Lopez and Nelson Artola, highlighted
the Cuban solidarity, the Dominican Isabel Tejada received the Medal of
Friendship, given by the Cuban Council of State.

* Prensa Latina News AgencyâÖs correspondent in Dominican Republic


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