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Hoy April 21, 2014, 12:29 am Havana time.
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12/10/13 - Cuba-L Document (Albuquerque) - Agreement between Angola, Cuba, South Africa and United States 

For a peaceful solution in south-western Africa

[Dear reader: It is essential that the recent events related to the death
of Nelson Mandela be considered in its proper historical context. Here is
the document that provides some evidence of the importance of Cuba in
ending the apartheid regime.]


13 July 1988

The governments of the People's Republic of Angola, the Republic of Cuba
and the Republic of South Africa reached agreement on a series of essential
principles to lay the foundation for peace in south-western Africa. They
all recognise that each of these principles is indispensable for a global

Implementation of Resolution 435/78 of the United Nations Security Council.
The parties should indicate and recommend to the United Nations
Secretary-General a date for the start of the implementation of Security
Council Resolution 435/78.

The 'governments of the People's Republic of Angola and the Republic of
South Africa should, in keeping with the provisions of United Nations
Security Council Resolution 435/78, co-operate with the Secretary-General
in order to ensure the independence of Namibia through free and just
elections, abstaining from any measure which could block implementation of
that resolution.

The movement to the north and staged and total withdrawal of Cuban troops
from the territory of the People's Republic of Angola on the basis of a
PRA-Cuban agreement and the decision of both states to request on-the-spot
verification of this withdrawal by the United Nations Security Council.

Respect for the sovereignty, sovereign equality and independence of states
and for territorial integrity and the inviolability of borders.

Non-interference in the internal affairs of states.

Abstention from the threat or use of force against the territorial
integrity and independence of states.

Acceptance of the responsibility of states not to allow their territory to
be used for acts of war, aggression or violence against other states.

Reaffirmation of the right of the peoples in the south-western region of
Africa to self-determination, independence and equal rights.

Verification and monitoring of compliance with the obligations resulting
from agreements that may be entered into.

Undertaking to comply in good faith with obligations assumed under
agreements that may be entered into and to resolve differences through

Recognition of the role of the permanent members of the Security Council as
guarantors of the implementation of agreements that may be entered into.

Right of each state to peace, development and social progress.

African and international co-operation to solve development problems in the
south-western region of Africa.


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