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Hoy April 18, 2014, 3:50 pm Havana time.
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12/08/13 - Press TV - Cuba has the right to demand closure of Gitmo: Szasdi

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Another round of hunger strikes is now taking place at
Guantanamo. If you may, please tell us about the US's response that it no
longer plans to divulge information about the hunger strike that is now
taking place at Gitmo?

Szaszdi: It would appear that the Defense Department and other that the US
government of Barak Obama, they have realized that it is a bad public
relations situation to report every time the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay go
on hunger strike to protest to their situation.

Of the prisoners of over 160 locked in Guantanamo Bay prison, 150 have been
detained without charge for 12 years with no trial and no charge against

They are not allowed for instance total secrecy and privacy with their
lawyers. Their lawyers are being listened to by the CIA. The CIA has on
occasion interfered with defense lawyers when they have been speaking
before a judge about their clients.

There is an issue that defense lawyers cannot talk about the tortures that
their clients have been subjected to.

For instance, Halid Sheikh Mohammad ... a senior member of al-Qaeda, he
alone was tortured 183 times in one month alone - water-boarded - A form of
torture developed by the CIA .

I could only say that President Barak Obama failed in his promise to close
this shameful prison, which has tarnished the reputation and the image of
the United States for years to come as a center in which human rights are
abused, the US Constitution has been abused because for instance the
prisoners are not covered by the rights that the US Constitution gives
those who have been put in prison.

It doesn't matter that they are not US citizens, they are under US custody
and the law should be blind in that regard. This should apply to everybody
and that's what the US military prosecutor said that the prisoners are
going to be put on trial as if they were US citizens, but that is not true,
that is not the case.

But what is really more disturbing I should say is that Cuba, the
government of Cuba should protest and demand closure of the Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo Bay is a base of the United States ruled by the Cuban American
Treaty of 1903 by which the United States has total control and
jurisdiction over the southern portion of Guantanamo Bay where their base
is; but ultimately the sovereignty lies in Cuba in the Republic of Cuba.

So, Cuba should demand closure of this facility and the prisoners should be
taken somewhere else, but not on Cuban soil.

But they don't do it presumably because they might be pressured by the
United States for instance that all these remittances of mourning from
relatives - exiled Cubans living in the United States, they send money to
their relatives in Cuba; perhaps they are blackmailing the Cuban government
that would put an end to that money flow into Cuba if the Cubans start to

The situation is shameful.


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