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Hoy April 19, 2014, 7:05 am Havana time.
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12/02/13 - Havana Times - Havana's Rough Children 

Monte St. in Havana. Foto: Irina Echarry

Yanelys Nuñez Leyva

HAVANA TIMES - It was 10 at night and Havana's Monte street was practically
empty. Though there was still a fair bit of traffic on the street, I would
see only the occasional passerby from my balcony.

It was then that two children between 10 and 12 began yelling, calling a
girl who lives in one of the neighboring buildings.

While waiting for the girl to answer, they mocked some of the people who
walked by (those who looked harmless to them, of course).

One of them - a transvestite - didn't allow himself to get worked up by
their taunts (accustomed, perhaps, to such discriminatory and
ill-intentioned comments) and continued on his way.

The incident that made me worry a bit involved a clearly inebriated man who
was zigzagging his way down the street, whom the kids approached like two
delinquents on the prowl.

The man, drunk but not completely unaware of his surroundings, assumed a
defensive position on sensing the kids' proximity.

The kids, laughing, would go up to him and hit him, while the man tried to
defend himself as he could (his condition wasn't the most favorable).

Plastic bag seller on Monte Street, Havana.  Photo: Irina Echarry

One of them followed him a fair distance until he managed to hit him on the
head, in the middle of the busy avenue.

The two pre-teens ran away from the man, smiling and proud of their feat.

A few minutes later, a woman told them that the girl they were looking for
wasn't home, so they left.

This is not the first incident of this nature I see in this neighborhood,
known as Jesus Maria.

For many kids, slapping people who sleep out in the street or who are
frequently inebriated is a fun game.

I wonder what education at home and at school in this neighborhood has
stooped to when children do not appear to know the true meaning of the
words violence, mistreatment, prejudice, offense, abuse, intimidation and

Original Source / Fuente Original: http://www.havanatimes.org/?p=100381


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