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Hoy April 24, 2014, 9:36 pm Havana time.
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12/02/13 - Radio Cadena Agramonte - French Group Demands Eliminating EU Common Position vs. Cuba 

Paris, Dec 2.- The French group Cuba Cooperation spoke out here for the
cessation of the so-called Common Position of the European Union (EU), an
interventionist policy that drastically limits the bloc''s relationships
with the Caribbean country.

During its annual meeting, the association, which brings together business
people, politicians, and other personalities, advocated that the French
government completely dissociates from this position and demands the EU its

"We believe this is an unfair policy and it is necessary to join forces to
achieve its dismantlement," Victor Fernandez, president of the group, told
Prensa Latina, and recalled that this issue could be discussed at the
coming EU foreign ministers' meeting, to be held in Brussels.

The common position, promoted in 1996 by the then Spanish Prime Minister
Jose Maria Aznar, demands unacceptable conditioning to the island, and
violates international principles, such as self-determination and the rules
of the World Trade Organization.

During the annual meeting Cuba Cooperation, the group also reiterated its
unanimous rejection to the unjust blockade maintained by the United States
against the Caribbean nation for more than 50 years ago.

The organization plans to launch next year a forum from European
associations working to Cuba, aimed at analyzing new programs and jointly
develop actions, Fernandez said.

The director of the association informed that urban agriculture projects,
including one in the town of Boyeros, in Havana, and another in Cruces, in
Cienfuegos province, are included within the 2014-2015 agenda.

Cuban ambassador to France, Hector Igarza, thanked the organization the
projects destined to the welfare of the population and the development of
his country.

The struggle against the blockade will remain a priority of our foreign
policy, the ambassador said, and reiterated that his country will never
accept conditions, neither the United States nor the European Union.
(Prensa Latina)

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