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Hoy April 24, 2014, 7:48 pm Havana time.
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12/02/13 - Escambray - Cuban Foreign Minister Arrives in Angola 

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez arrived in Angola for a three-day
visit, to hold official talks with his peer in this country, George
Chikoti, and other authorities.

Upon his arrival at this capital's international airport, Rodriguez was
welcomed by Maria Cuandina de Carvalho, director of the Americas department
at the Angolan Foreign Ministry, Luanda's ambassador in Havana Jose Cesar
Augusto, and Cuban Ambassador Gisela Garcia.

His stay in the African country is part of a tour that included Ethiopia,
Seychelles, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe, Rodriguez was received on Friday by President Robert Mugabe,
who sent greetings to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and
President Raul Castro.

During the meeting, the Zimbabwean president recalled his meetings with
Cuban leaders during his visits to the island.

Mugabe praised and thanked Cuba for the support it offered to the African
continent during the struggle against colonialism and the collaboration it
currently provides in many sectors.

Mugabe also ratified Harare's opposition to the blockade policy imposed by
the United States against the Caribbean island, and called for further
strengthening bilateral relations.

Cuba's foreign minister arrived in Angola after both countries celebrated
the 38th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, on Nov.
15, forged in the blood shed by many of their sons and daughters for the
independence of this African nation.


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